10 Questions to Tina

Unfortunately this page in not complete. I would like to ask 10 questions to Tina and I hope to have this opportunity in the future.

I start to write the questions , for the answers ... maybe they will arrive soon.

  1. Hi Tina, first of all thank you very much for spending some of your time for us. The first question is: when did you start your career and what was your really first job in this business?
  2. How many scenes have you recorded from the beginning?
  3. What is the kind of scene that you prefer to shoot?
  4. Tell us a funny thing happened on stage?
  5. Somethin unpleasant?
  6. I saw that you travel a lot: the best place did you visit?
  7. What is the best man e female porn performer at the moment for you? (excluding you obviously)
  8. You shooted a lot of anal scenes. It's only for business of do you love anal sex?
  9. What was the most challenging scene to shoot?
  10. Have you ever been in Italy? Where? What's your favourite city? When you'll come again?