Who I am

Hi all, I'm Andrew a professional photographer based in Milan, Italy that produces softcore adult content for my website SuperGlamBabes.com and for a lot of other websites around the world.

I'm also a videomaker and I work normally with italian and / or european models starting to shoot some hardcore scenes.

I did not know Tina Kay until when I was working on the Twitter profile of Super Glam Babes (@superglambabes) I found her profile. I became followe of her and I fell in love with her.

She has a perfect natural body, sweet smile, bright eyes and she has .... no limit!
I love her style and the passion that she puts during shooting.

I think she is one of the hottest pornstar ever.
I started to followe her getting horny with her pictures and video.

I've created this website to share content, information and so on with the fans of Tina Kay but not only. I think that if you love porn you have to know Tina and you have tu follow her because she is a queen of this business.

My dream is to work with her one day here in my studio of Milan. I have a lot of ideas and I hope that you fans will help me to realize my dream. I would be honored to share with you the result of work.

Thanks for following this blog, if anyone wants to collaborate with me can send an email using the contact form here.